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I was asked to write a review for my Alice Baskerville wig a week back! Sorry it took so long to do. I just found the time today despite being sick. This will be my first review so sorry if it sucks!

Lets start!


B-Rabbit Bloodstained Braids

Price: $40

Can be bought here

My Alice Baskerville wig, to left above, is called the B-Rabbit Bloodstained Braids. It is a dark maroon wig, pre-styled, and about 107cm long! They are made with high quality heat-resistant fiber called Hiperlon, and could additionally styled if you want to do it yourself. This wig was the very first one I’ve ever bought and two years later it is still perfect(more or less). I stand at around 5’8 tall and wig lays right over my arse(so funny to say). If you are shorter in height the wig will obviously look longer. Only con would have to be it being easily tangled, but it’s a long wig, what would you expect? Inside the wig it has two hooks to adjust to the size of your head, and I must say it fits better than my other wigs I’ve bought for cheaper.

Overall: 10/10

 Additional Pictures:


Phantom Loli Ruffle Encounter

Price: $40

Can be bought here

This wig comes with both the base and the two pony tails(both 51cm), so it is a good price for what it comes with. If needed, you can buy the parts separately  Even though this wig is meant for the female!Ceil Phantomhive, I cut the bangs to how I prefer it to look. Both the pony tails are pre curled and pretty thick. I didn’t have the chance to brush and style them properly but they still look pretty nice haha. The base is simply a bob style cut. The color is nice mix of grey and blue, and depending on the lighting could determine the look of it. Same as the Alice wig, it has the adjustable hooks inside for a nice comfortable fit. Any cons would have to be the maintenance of the ponytails, but I won’t complain, they’re cute!

Overall: 9/10

Additional Photos:


All wigs are shipped from the US. Standard shipping will take at least a week; Priority will take three days if you are US or around there. Or else it might just take a bit longer. Shipping Prices depend on where you live,how many wigs you buy, and what type of shipping you want: Standard, Priority, or Express.

Their customer service is also great! They are very nice people, I met them back in 2012 when I attended AX. And I hope to see their booth again at AX this year as well. Hopefully I can scavenge up some more money to buy more!


ps: Thanks for reading my first review!

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