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Pretty colors don’t matter, only tears sparkle in the dark.
UnknownSymposium Magarum
byUnknown Puella Magi Madoka Magica

My hopes and dreams for Kingdom Hearts *o*

"Hey Marco"
“…yes Jean”
“I don’t even know which bones are yours”
“Me neither “

Reika is going to yaoi con in San Francisco and I’m sad

  • me: Oh what the fuck
  • friend: what happened?
  • me: this scenario I created in my head got intense
Anonymous: How do you feel about the hnr spoiler?

Anything could happen. I don’t believe it’s the point that will determine the end game like some people have assumed. I do believe that if she turns away she will be reminded of shishio, but I still believe through more time she will be able to that with Mamura. Of course I’m a mazume shipper so. 

With all the effort and progress she’s made with mamura, I do believe it will happen when she is ready. But if it really does happen, then all hell is going to break loose between the mazume and shizume shippers because some people give the others so much crap. It’s really silly but that’s how some people are.

In the back of my mind I’m kinda laughing at the other little possibilities like what if he’s just getting something off her face, or he ends up givin her a peck on the cheek and they end up bumping noses. Because first kisses are awkward and silly things could happen.

In the end whether it’s a mazume or shizume ending I will happy because I’m a fan of both ships. They are both super cute come on stop giving each other hate. Especially on Mamura and Shishio. Feel bad for the poor love interests.